December 2, 2009

1) What was your favorite project? Explain why.
• I think my favorite project was project 2 because I wrote in a style that I have never written before. It was not the common five-paragraph format, it was the format that I believe best fit what I was writing about.
2) What was your least favorite project? Explain why.
• I think my least favorite project was project 4 because the book is a tough book to get through especially to even write about and then to teach on top of it.
3) Do you have any suggestions regarding peer response? Would you change anything about peer response?
• The only thing I would change is to make sure that towards the end of the semester everyone still comments on everyone’s blog.
4) Do you feel like you were given too much time to work on projects? Too little time? Explain your answer.
• Actually I feel like we were given the perfect amount of time for every project. You did a very good job on picking the time slots.
5) What are your thoughts about breaking each project up into multiple drafts or phases? Did it help to have drafts or would you just have preferred to turn in one draft – the final-for-now?
• I think it helped to turn in a draft and a final-for-now. It gave our peers a chance to comment on the essays and for us to change anything else we wanted.
6) What are your thoughts about the pacing of the semester? Were there any projects that felt too short? Too long?
• None of the projects were too long, only project 4 felt long.
7) Do you think you were given enough time to work on your final portfolio? Explain.
• Yes I believe we do have enough time to do the final portfolio because more time would just cause procrastination.
8) Do you feel like I provided too many comments on drafts or not enough comments? Were my comments helpful? Why or why not?
• You have provided enough comments, not to short and not to long. Yes, you comments were very detailed and helpful.
9) What about the course would you change? Do you have any suggestions for change as I revise the course to teach it again?
• The only thing I would change is to take a vote of which groups want to stay together and which groups would not mind switching around. It will change with every class of students you get.
10) Do you feel like this class helped you to be better able to read and compose texts, both in college and in the real world? Explain your answer.
• Yes, I believed this class has taught me how to write out of the standard format and to write how I think feels best with the topic. Also this class has helped me with reading text and breaking down the context.
11) Please offer some advice or helpful hints for students taking this course in the future.
• Be prepared to write a lot.
• Be prepared to learn how to break down and analyze different types of texts.
• Do not procrastinate in completing the final.
I often use writing samples from past students as models in my classroom. Please check one of the boxes and type in your name and today’s date below:
X I give you permission to use writing samples from my English 101 portfolio
_ I do not give you permission to use writing samples from my English 101 portfolio
Print Name: Brenda Fanella
Date: 12/1/09

Coming along…

December 2, 2009

So I am working on the portfolio and I feel like it is really coming along. I have about half done I want to say and it is technically due Sunday but I have to have it done by Thursday. I am going to see my sister’s volleyball team play in the NCAA tournament Friday night so I have to have the whole portfolio completed before I leave on Thursday.
The portfolio is a lot but I understand why we are writing it. We have to complete our work as a writer and transform it into a masterpiece combining all of our works into one. So this portfolio is going to take up my next two days but I will get it done and I hope it represents all the hard work I have put into it over the semester.

Work Shop Comments

November 13, 2009

The different comments I received in class and on my blog have helped me write my synthesis of Pr 1&2. I am really glad I received the helpful comments because I had no clue where to even begin with my revision. A few of the comments were how to teach different types of students and how my “bad” teachers taught those different types of students. Also, how my qualities as a student will help me be a good teacher, how my inspirations (my mother, my internship, and Mr. A) taught kids, and during my internship how I taught the kids in my class. Also, on my own I thought I could combine each paragraph.
I began to write this combined this essay and used the comments effectively. So far I have looked at each paragraph and how I could combine each to work as a whole. I made my second paragraph more detailed and edited my first paragraph to fit every type of student not just me. Then for the rest of the essay I am going to merge the two essays into one that have my inspirations dealing with the different types of students.
The rest of the essay will have people’s comments and I think it will be a better essay with those comments than with out.

Feelings on the Portfolio 2

November 13, 2009

5) Meta-Analysis
-Writing about your writing, introduction to portfolio, course analysis, narrative, and course question.
-This part I have to write about my writing and why I changed things, how I changed things, and what I think about my writing.

6) Supporting
-People’s Comments on my essays, either from the Stv. 250 folder or the blog.
-Picking out the comments should be interesting, just finding quotes that have affected how my writing turned out.

7) Grade Memo
-1 page single spaced, and it needs to be printed and turned into 201 J
-This is my writing on what grade I think I deserve and how much I have worked on my texts this semester.

8) Survey
– This is what I thought about the class and my opinions on what should change and shouldn’t change.

Feelings on the Portfolio

November 13, 2009

1) Plan (Written)
-A Written idea of how we are going about completing our Portfolio.
-This I do not think will be too hard, just writing our plan on how we will write the portfolio and how the portfolio will look.

2) Synthesis Revision of Pr 1 & 2
-A combination of essays 1 and 2.
-This is what I had work shopped on and I think it turned out well. I have begun to write the synthesis and so far I think it is going well and I have an idea of what I am going to write.

3) Remix Pr 1,2,3,4 (either 1 &2 or Synthesized Revision of 1 & 2)
-Major Projects/ Minor “texts”, revised, arrangement
-Part three is simply picking out which minor texts I want to revise and place in the Portfolio. Also revising the projects shouldn’t be too hard and should even make the essays better.

4) Forum
-Electronic: Word Document in Stv. 250 or blog
– I have decided I am going to place the texts in an order that I think works best maybe chronological maybe not. This massive word document will then be placed into the Stv. 250 folder.

Merging of Essay 1 and 2

November 13, 2009

So, I was nervous about presenting my current project on my turn for the workshop. I am just the type of person who doesn’t want to stand out in class. I am not a shy person but I do get nervous with speaking in front of the class. Then when I had to put both essays on the blog I was nervous no one was going to read it and no one would have anything to say. So when I found out that some people did read just a little bit and in class they did give me tips I was relieved and those tips actually did help me because I had no clue where I was going to start. In class I started to merge the two essays together and I am actually happy with the progress. I think the way I am putting the two essays together are actually going to work and turn out to be a pretty good essay. So, I hope the finished essay turns out well.

Almost Finished Group Project

November 13, 2009

So, from the beginning I was a little nervous about these projects and how they would turn out. These projects we are supposed to do has a lot of information to each component of them. We have to research information, read texts, and come up with interesting ways to present the information to the class. With presenting we have to present the information effectively but also not bore our classmates.
During the research part of the project was a little difficult because there is not a lot of information that fit into the topic we specified, how technology affects Illinois High School students in the classroom. But, I think we worked through it and pulled out enough information for our project. To go along with our presentation we have a power point and two youtube videos that should help the audience grasp our concept.
I think our presentation will be good and present the information in a none boring way.